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This 6-inch miniature Santa Claus figurine is meticulously sculpted with intricate details. Hee is a One of a Kind sculpted without the use of molds.  Santa is dressed in his iconic red suit, which is adorned with white faux fur trim, including the hem of his coat. His pants match the red of his coat, and he's wearing a wide black belt with a shiny gold buckle around his rotund waist.

Santa's jolly face is framed by a fluffy white beard and mustache, and his rosy cheeks give him a cheerful and friendly expression. His eyes twinkle with merriment.

In one hand, Santa holds a list, presumably the naughty and nice list he uses to keep track of children's behavior throughout the year. The list is a parchment paper which appears weathered and aged, giving it a vintage feel.

Overall, this 6-inch miniature Santa figurine captures the essence of the beloved holiday icon, ready to bring joy and holiday spirit to any setting.

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