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Esther was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US in 1962 as a child.  Her background in art comes from her mother who worked for a photo studio manually retouching and enhancing negatives of photographs for the “Social” section of a major newspaper in Havana.   Much like Graphic Designers of today 

Although Esther’s career was in the field of finances, she always found time for art, especially oil painting.    In 2010 due to a catastrophic illness she was forced to retire and move to a small town in Central Florida.  It was there that Esther found her soul.  Refusing to give up she began her self-taught career in Figurative Art.  First with cloth dolls and then moved on to polymer clay.  This medium allowed her to express her emotions and through these dolls she began to heal.  Esther currently works mostly on miniatures

She has five grown children, many grandchildren and currently lives  with her husband.

You can contact Esther via email: 

White Washed Wood

             My Team

I am the structural engineer in charge of armature construction and design.  I also serve as advisor and expert critique.

Eddy Manso

My Biggest Fans, and my best critiques,  my kids:  Cory, Eddy Jr., Anthony,  Karina and Alexis

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Update:  In February of 2018 we lost our beautiful daughter Cory to cancer.  The loss is unimaginable!

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